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Restaurant Beaune - Le Cheval Noir
Restaurant in Beaune

  • Entrées
  • Fish dishes
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  • Cheeses Desserts

Duck foie gras au naturel, red pepper pearl and rhubarb chutney - 23 Euros

Croquilles of Burgundy Snails with garlic butter - 18 Euros

semi-cooked red tuna, vegetables coleslaw,
avocado and 5 sesames - 22 Euros

Poached egg at 65° with meurette sauce,
garlic and parsley finger - 16 Euros

Green asparagus, breaded fried egg, smoked salmon «Le Borvo » and mascarpone whipped cream calamansit - 18 Euros

Lightly seared plaice filet, season vegetables and simmered gnocchi,
corn emulsion - 27 Euros

Pike biscuit, pikeperch and troot, baby vegetables
And Chardonnay emulsion - 21 Euros

Rosted John Dory, mashed carrots, green asparagus and « gallichon », Mushrooms from Alexis Dubief, « jus » au vin jaune - 30 Euros

Salers beef filet, Anna mashed potatoes with blackurrant mustard from « Fallot », shalots, red wine sauce. (French origin) - 36 Euros

Half rosted pigeon, spring vegetables, polenta pigeon jus and roasted rapeseed oil (Saône et Loire origin) - 29 Euros

Lamb breast, artichokes buttons, grenaille potatoes, Candied tomatoes and rosemary smoked lamb jus (Irish origin) - 26 Euros

Golden-brown veal sweetbread, green asparagus, gnocchi and Morels, veal jus with chicory emulsion - 34 Euros

Platter of cured cheese - 11 Euros

Cottage cheese served with Bresse style cream - 5.50 Euros

Brie from Melun, hint and froth served
with sour cherry and Almonds - 10.00 Euros

Kayambé Chocolate72%, bananas and caramelized pecan nuts, with cocoa nibs sauce (Chocolate Michel Cluizel) - 12.00 Euros

Sweet treat with fruit of the day - 9.00 Euros

Crunchy choux pastry, cottage cheese foam and red berries tartare, with red berries and verbena sauce - 8.50 Euros

Range of ice cream and sorbet (3 flavors)
Ice cream from les Ecrins « Gérard Cabiron MOF 2017 » - 8.50 Euros

Crème brûlée with vanilla from Madagascar - 9.00 Euros

Restaurant Le Cheval Noir - 17 bd St Jacques - 21200 Beaune - Tél : -