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Restaurant Beaune - Le Cheval Noir
Restaurant in Beaune

  • Entrées
  • Fish dishes
  • Meat dishes
  • Cheeses Desserts

Scallops of fried Foie Gras, Raw and cooked of cabbage,
buckwheat honey - 24 Euros

Burgundy snails Croquilles filled with garlic butter - 18 Euros

Scampis and Shells, lemongrass broth, Ginger,
miso and fresh coriander - 22 Euros

Poached egg at 65° with meurette sauce,
garlic and parsley finger - 16 Euros

Pressed by Chicken and saddle of rabbit, chorizo,
green olives and peanuts - 18 Euros

Cod, Breton potatoes, Black mushrooms and leeks - 27 Euros

Pike mousse, zander and trout, vegetables Chardonnay émulsion - 21 Euros

Scallop and duck breast smoked, cake of Jerusalem artichokes,
spinach, fish broth - 30 Euros

Filet of Rumsteak grilled from « Ireland » Puree of potato and potato Anna, red wine sauce (Origin Ireland) - 29 Euros

Back of wild boar, celery risotto, Cèpes mushrooms, apple
, juice with coffee oil (Origin France) - 31 Euros

Canette filet of Dombes, Fruits and seasonal vegetables,
Gastric in the beet (Origin France) - 26 Euros

Sweetbread in butter, morels, Butternut gnocchi, sucrine,
yellow wine emulsion - 34 Euros

Platter of cured cheese - 11 Euros

Cottage cheese served with Bresse style cream - 5.50 Euros

Warm Fourme d'Ambert Tortillas, Pears and Walnuts - 10.00 Euros

Kayambé chocolate, dark in brownies, milk in ganache, sorbet of passion fruit (Chocolate Michel Cluizel) - 12.00 Euros

Roasted Mirabelles and Quetsches, honey glazed parfait and financier cake and nougatine with sunflower seeds - 11.00 Euros

Puff pastryie tartlet with blackberries, Ricotta mousse and rosemary and blackberry sorbet -10.00 Euros

Range of ice cream and sorbet (3 flavors)
Ice cream from les Ecrins « Gérard Cabiron MOF 2017 » - 8.50 Euros

Crème brûlée with vanilla from Madagascar - 9.00 Euros

Restaurant Le Cheval Noir - 17 bd St Jacques - 21200 Beaune - Tél : -