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Restaurant Beaune - Le Cheval Noir
Restaurant in Beaune

  • Entrées
  • Fish dishes
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  • Cheeses Desserts

Duck foie gras au naturel, figs and dates with argan oil
Balsamic vinegar glaze - 23 Euros

Croquilles of Burgundy Snails with garlic butter - 18 Euros

Blue Lobster , miso and Galabar,
Ferme aux Champignons oyster mushroom cream - 22 Euros

65°C eggs, with meurette sauce and garlic finger - 16 Euros

Duckling Ballotine, Fallot Walnut Mustard,
Endives and Balsamic Blueberry sorbet - 18 Euros

Lightly seared Redfish steak, puréed carrots, baby vegetables, seaweed vinaigrette with shallots - 26 Euros

Pike, Zander and Trout Biscuit, baby vegetables
and Chardonnay emulsion - 19 Euros

Grilled white Halibut and Scallops, soba, chorizo, Autumn vegetables,
Potato bouillon - 30 Euros

The chef suggestion

Beef fillet (250 gr), mashed potato and cassis mustard, shallot confit, red wine sauce. (country of origin - Ireland) - 34 Euros

Thrice-cooked half pigeons, salsify and chestnut, butternut dauphine potatoes and salmis sauce (Origin: Saône & Loire) - 28 Euros

Breast of farmhouse guinea fowl at 56°C, Jerusalem artichoke royale, Chinese cabbage, chicken gravy with sesame oil
(Country of Origin - France) - 26 Euros

Veal heart sweetbreads fried in butter, fregula sarda, Burgundy truffle, creamy veal jus (Country of Origin - France) - 32 Euros

Platter of Ripened Cheeses - 11 Euros

Fromage blanc with thick Bresse cream - 5.50 Euros

"Berthaut" Epoisses and Vitelotte potato gratin, bread fingers - 10.00 Euros

Montélimar Nougat cream, streusel, salted butter caramel,
bitter orange sorbet - 10.00 Euros

Madagascar vanilla crème brûlée - 9.00 Euros

Ice cream and sorbet selection (3 flavours) - 8.50 Euros

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